Mythic Mug: The Warlock

  • $43.00

The Warlock, an old and sinister looking mug with a decorative eye that follows your every move. To give a firm grip on the mug, a scrollcase is attached with strange symbols.

Use this themed drink can holder to spruce up your go-to 16oz canned drink. Just remove the holder lid, pop open your favorite fuel, and slip it (can and all) into the holder to enjoy your refreshment in the nerdiest way possible. 

Comes with an insert that will convert your 16oz holder into a 12oz holder for more common soda cans.

Also doubles as a container for gaming accessories such as dice, miniatures, and tokens, with a screw-on themed lid for convenient traveling.

The can holder is not sealed, and it is not recommended to pour liquid directly into it. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

3D design by Ars Moriendi 3D.

3D-printed by Old Squire Designs.

High gloss PLA plastic.