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Kuriosity Gear Commission Form

Got questions? Here's the FAQ:

What is the commission process?

Fill out our Commission Form and we’ll send you a quote within the next business day to your preferred method of contact. This quote will include the price of your commission, as well as any estimated shipping charges and an ETA of your piece’s arrival to your doorstep. Our representative will work with you if any questions or details need to be clarified. At this point, payment and a shipping address will be requested, and once fulfilled, we’ll begin work on your new custom piece. Your commission will be shipped in a cardboard box to help ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.

How Long Do Commissions Take?

A typical custom piece (ears or a tail) will be finished within two weeks of receiving payment. If any additional materials need to be gathered, we’ll let you know what the estimated completion time will be. Once completed, the typical shipping time within the continental United States is 1 week, and most international shipments take about 2 weeks. Below is an estimate: (NOT a guarantee)

    • Continental U.S.: 4 Weeks from received payment
    • International Orders: 5 Weeks from received payment
Please note that the above times are estimates for a single piece such an ears OR a tail. If an ear and tail set has been commissioned, please add 1 week to these times for a more accurate estimation.

How Much Does A Custom Cost?

A custom’s cost varies based on the complexity of it. If you send us an inquiry, we’ll provide you a quote within 1 business day. Below is a sense of what you can expect to pay for different levels of complexity. You can also let us know what your budget and vision is, and we’ll let you know our recommendation. Please keep in mind that the numbers below are estimates and may vary from the quote you receive.             
    • Ears: About $125 for natural; $150 for piercings, notches, and jeweling; $185 for custom attached bows/accessories and dual-tone ear backsides.
    • 25-Inch Long Tails: About $80 for single-color. Tails with differently-colored tips are about $100. Striped tails can vary from $110 and above depending on the number of stripes. Bows and other clip-on additions can range from $15 and up per piece.             
    • “Puff” Tails: $80 for a single-color. Tipped tails are $100. Bows and other clip-on additions can range from $15 and up per piece.

Why Do Your Tails Cost That Much?

We’re glad you asked! Our tails (and ears) are made from only the softest luxury faux fur – we feel a strong sense of pride at conventions when an innocent bystander touches a tail while walking by, only to abruptly stop and do a double-take at what they just felt. We commit to this level of quality in part due to our ties to the BDSM community, where the sensation of faux fur on skin can make or break a play session. However, we also find that those who use stim toys also enjoy the feel of the furs we use. Whether you wear tails for fun or for “fun”, we’ve got your back!

Can I Place A Rush Order?

Yes – below are our estimated minimum times to produce and ship a custom, and the charges associated: These estimates include shipping time, and assume that all materials are already in our workshop and shipping companies are able to move efficiently.
    • Continental US: 2 weeks from received payment. (Rush Charge of $50)
    • International Orders: 3 weeks from received payment. (Rush Charge of $50)
Please keep in mind that while we can get your order shipped within 1 week, we cannot guarantee that weather, border policies, and other events won’t impact the shipping time of your custom. The above times are estimates, not guarantees. A rush charge moves your custom to the front of our workshop queue, but does not guarantee arrival based on the estimates above.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is free within the continental United States, and discounted elsewhere through our handy use of Shopify.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We sure do! Please be aware of your country’s border policies if you are ordering from outside of the United States and plan accordingly.

Can I pick up my item?

We do not offer local pickup, sorry!

Do You Do Payment Plans?

Yes we do! When you pay your invoice, simply indicate that you would like to pay in installments during checkout, and you’ll be able to choose which plan works for you.

Do you accept Paypal / Etc?

We sure do! Simply indicate how you would like to pay when you pay your invoice. We accept the following payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Paypal, Venmo, and Meta Pay.

What Is your Refund Policy?

An order can be refunded up until it has been shipped. Once a custom has been shipped, no refunds are available.  

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