About The Nerds


Kisa Klein

Boardgames Manager


Kisa began her geek career with a Naruto headband in middle school, of which there is goddamn photographic evidence. She never learned the error of her ways, and began a downward spiral that would eventually lead her into the tabletop scene at the tender age of 20, with White Wolf's Scion, as well as a homebrew system created by her local tabletop RPG club. It would be at this point that Kisa realized she was not quite as different from her sports-enthusiastic family members as she once believed; she just lacked the appropriate medium with which to express her competitiveness. She would proceed to min-max and aggro her way through tabletop game after tabletop game, and eventually realized that boardgames were her strongest suit. Where most RPGs and TCGs required a multitude of structured rules and boundaries that were cumbersome on her memory-hampered brain, boardgames enabled her creativity and intensity to shine so long as she stayed within a small rulebook. The rest is history - or would be, if people weren't afraid to play more boardgames with her.



Katt Hardin

Tabletop RPG Manager

 @KittyKuriosity [NSFW]

Katt has enjoyed getting into the minds and skin (eww) of fictional characters ever since she was a smol thing that thought theatre would be a nice and normal hobby to get into. She discovered play-by-post roleplaying in junior high, and then graduated to pen-and-paper in high school when some of the theatre techs introduced her to Vampire: the Masquerade. It turns out that fantasy worlds allow her to express her sadomasochistic tendencies to their full extent, without fear of repercussion. Katt has been checked out by mental health professionals that confirmed that she is not, in fact, a complete psychopath.



Michael Perry

Trading Card Games Manager


Michael's a poop who hasn't written his bio yet even though I asked him to write it like 20 minutes ago.  - Kisa