Wireless Ear Care Instructions

Our line of non-wired ears are made from luxury faux fur and are a great option for those with rough-and-tumble lifestyles.


During long-term storage, ears should be kept out of direct sunlight, in an area that maintains mild temperature. Fluctuations from hot to cold temperatures and back can cause the faux fur fibers to become frizzy and rough, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colors to fade. Keeping ears in a bedroom closet is usually best.

Daily Care:

Ears can be brushed into existing hair/wigs with a clean wire pet “slicker” brush. Remember to brush gently in the direction the fur is going - do not brush “against the grain”.
If ears become covered in dust or lint, we highly recommend using a lint roller or piece of tape to clean them. Do not attempt to use a wet cloth, duster, or anything else that involves “rubbing” the ears - this will more likely rub any dirt further into the ears, rather than clean them.

Washing: (Non-Wired, Non-Painted Ears)

Sometimes, simply lint-rolling your ears may not be enough, such as after a multi-day outdoor event or if the ears are dropped in mud or dirty water. To wash your ears, do the following:
  1. Place ears (with headband) into a mesh laundry bag. (These are small bags meant for delicate laundry.)
  2. Place the bagged ears into washing machine with other similar-colored laundry. Use detergent, but avoid bleach or any “brightening/lightening” detergent.
  3. Wash laundry on the gentlest cycle, with the coldest water.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, remove ears from the mesh bag and hang them to dry.
  5. Once the ears are dry, use a clean pet “slicker” brush to gently brush fur fibers back into proper place.
  6. Enjoy your new clean, fresh ears!

A Note About Hand Washing: these ears can also be washed by hand in a sink with cold water and a little plain detergent to keep the fur fibers softer for a bit longer, but we find that the added longevity isn’t quite enough to justify the extra labor for most folks.

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