Tail Care Instructions

Our line of tails are made from luxury faux fur and come in a range of style and attachment options.


During long-term storage, tails should be kept out of direct sunlight, in an area that maintains mild temperature. If using a storage box, brush the tail and lay it flat in the box so that fur fibers don't crimp during storage. Fluctuations from hot to cold temperatures and back can cause the faux fur fibers to become frizzy and rough, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colors to fade. For both long-term and short-term storage, hanging a tail in a bedroom closet will usually guarantee the best longevity.

Daily Care:

For best appearance, use a pet "slicker" brush to brush the tail along the direction of the than. Then, grip the tail at the base and give it a good vigorous shake in order to "poof" it back up.
If the tail becomes covered in dust or dirt, shake the tail vigorously to loosen and fling off dirt.

Washing: Tails

  1. Find a place were you are able to hang the tail during the washing process. We find that hanging a tail behind a shower curtain (in a shower) works well.
  2. Using a shower head or hose, run cold water down the tail, getting the surface fibers wet. We don’t recommend soaking the tail, since it is difficult to get all of the interior stuffing dry without using a clothing dryer, and using a machine dryer on a tail will melt and matte the fur fibers.
  3. Lather some plain detergent (no bleach or “brightening/lightening” properties) onto your hands, and swipe the lather down the tail (with the grain only, never against), until the surface fibers are a little soapy. Do not rub the soap into the fur.
  4. Use a hose or shower head to rinse the surface of the tail.
  5. Allow the tail to drip dry where it is. Any attempts to pat the excess water off with a towel may result in pushing the water deeper into the tail.
  6. For added antibacterial effect, you can also hand the tail to dry outside in direct sunlight for a day. Please do not do this if there is a heat advisory in your area, since excessive heat may damage the fur fibers.
  7. Once the tail is dry, use a clean pet “slicker” brush to gently brush fur fibers back into proper place. Hold the tail by the base and give it a good shake to give its poof back.
  8. Enjoy your new clean, fresh tail!

A note about machine-washing and machine-drying: Please don’t, we love you.

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