Custom Miniatures Painting

You may have noticed the miniatures labeled [PAINTED] over in the Miniatures section of our online store. Well, those are all painted inhouse by the lovely Kisa! And if you don't see a miniature to your liking, she'll even do a custom paintjob to your specifications. Since every mini is different, you'll need to send us a message with details of what you want, in order for us to give you a quote.

Just fill out the contact form to get started:

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How It Works:


Step 1: Pick a Mini!

Pick a miniature for Kisa to work with. You can make it easy and purchase a miniature that's already on our online store, or ship us the just-right mini that you already have. And if you're not sure which one is best, let us know and we'll pick one for you!

Step 2: Describe What You Want!

The world is your oyster! Describe what color scheme you want your miniature to have, the skin tone, and eye color. We can even do modifications to the miniature itself, for the right price! Want a knife instead of a gun? How about adding tatters to the jacket, or turning a male-looking miniature into a female-looking one (or vice versa)? Allow us to mangle your miniature for you, so that you don't have to! (We're kidding, it'll look great.)

Step 3: Kisa is Our Slave!

Kisa will prep your mini, paint it, base it, and seal it so that it's ready for your tabletop adventures! She'll even catalogue the journey with pictures so that you can scrapbook with them, if you're into that.

Step 4: Shipment!

Off your miniature goes into the void of the United States Postal System! We use well-padded cardboard boxes to ship these little guys, so you can be assured that your new partner-in-mini-crime will arrive safely. (Keep in mind that our international shipping is limited and can get expensive if you don't live in the US or Canada.)

Price breakdown:

[Price of Miniature] + [$40 Prep/Paint/Base/Seal] + [One or None of the Modification Prices] + Shipping = Your Price

Purchase a Mini: $Varied 
Prep - Paint - Base - Seal: $40 
Small Modifications (small material removals): $5 
Medium Modifications (small Green Stuff application): $10 
Large Modifications (new object molding): $15 
Extreme Modifications (combining of miniatures, drastic alterations): $25 
Near-Impossible Modifications: $Varied

(Note: No, we don't charge prices for every single modification - only one of the modification prices listed above will apply to a miniature, if modifications are specified.)

(Also Note: Since every mini is different, we do not guarantee a price until we give you a quote. So fill out that contact form and let's get going!)


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